Tick and flea control for your dog


“Scratch, scratch, scratch….”

So your Best Friend won’t stop scratching? Itchy skin and discomfort might be a sign that your dog has fleas.

You must take action if any of the below signs are prevalent in your dog:

  • Increased irritability on the skin
  • Looks for cold places to stay on to relieve the itchiness
  • Suffers from secondary skin infections
  • Shows signs of small and red flea bites on their skin
  • If the symptoms above sound familiar, inspect your friend with a flea comb. Fleas are tiny but visible to the human eye when inspected closely.

If you spot a flea use one of these options to get the situation under control:

  • Flea dips
    Try Bob Martin Tick & Flea Dog Dip
  • Flea collars
    Bob Martin Tick & Flea Collars
  • Flea powders and sprays
    Bob Martin Tick & Flea Powder for Dogs & Puppies
    Bob Martin Vetcare Long Acting Tick & Flea Spray Plus
  • Spot-on treatments
    Bob Martin Dog Spot
    Bob Martin Vetcare Dog Spot Plus for Dogs

Never use your dog’s products on your cat or kitten as they differ greatly!

Remember to treat all the animals on your property. Cats are far more sensitive to some of these products than dogs. Rather get Bob Martin’s range for Cats and Kittens here.